The first thing that prospective buyers see when they view your home is the exterior. That means sellers need to put their home’s best foot forward to catch the eye – you only have one chance to make a first impression.

  1. Clean up: The easiest thing to fix, as far as curb appeal goes, is a mess. Sweep the front stoop and make sure there are no piles of dead leaves. Throw out any potted plants that have died or are unsightly. Clear the yard of unnecessary debris, like landscaping supplies or even old toys that have been left in the yard.

  2. Make repairs: If something is broken, fix it if possible! If a shutter is hanging off its nails, straighten and secure it. If the screen door has a hole in it, repair it.

  3. Growing strong: Get a couple of large inexpensive pots and plant some colorful flowers in them. If you have a front porch, it looks very nice to place two of these on either side of the front door. It gives your home the look of a well-cared-for place, which is what most buyers want.

  4. Just a trim: Keep the lawn regularly trimmed and trim any bushes or trees that look unkempt. If you have moved out of the area and are not able to come back to mow the lawn regularly, ask a neighbor if they would be willing to help for a small fee. Sometimes neighbors are happy to help – it makes their home look better too.

  5. Freshen up: If you are able, freshen up the front of your home with a coat of paint. A fresh coat of paint on handrails, trim or shutters can really brighten up the home’s facade and catch a buyer’s eye.